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Master the Craft of Artisan Pizza

Learn professional pizzarista techniques for making authentic, artisan pizza, in your domestic or wood fired oven.
Dragan Matijevic
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Make seven different kinds of pizza dough, including Napoletana, sourdough, heritage and gluten free.
Manage rising, proving and baking schedules.
Shape the dough like a pro.
Make authentic sauces, show-stopping toppings and fabulous finishing touches.
Bake pizza to perfection in a domestic oven, or in a wood fired oven.

Running a highly successful wood fired micro-pizzeria inspired the founders of The Artisan Bakery School, Penny and Dragan, to add two day-courses in pizza-making to their curriculum; one wood fired and one not.

In this comprehensive online course, you get the benefit of BOTH those courses:  how to use your wood fired oven to best effect, and how to make your ordinary oven produce extraordinary pizza.

Building up to this, you will learn how to:

  • read your dough, and master all its stages
  • make and shape a extensive range of different doughs
  • concoct delectable sauces
  • design a balanced flavour profile for topping ingredients
  • create finishing touches that will really elevate your pizza


Contents and Overview

Our welcome lecture introduces you to our document, How to Use this Course.  In it, you will find suggestions for how to proceed, according to whether you’re a complete beginner, an improver, a passionately adventurous cook, an aspiring professional or an entrepreneur considering a micropizzeria business.  You can follow the suggestions, or just work your way through every recipe as it comes up.

Following a run-down of the essential pizza-making equipment, we move on to Dough-ology, Saucery and Top-ology,  introducing a discussion about the basic ingredients, and the importance of sourcing local, organic produce wherever possible.  This is because authentic pizza, like all really good food, has a story to it.  It’s  just wonderful to be able to tell your guests what’s special about the tomatoes in the sauce, or the particular olives, or the artisan cheese that’s on the pizza.  It adds depth to everyone’s appreciation of the food.

Moving into our tried and tested Seven Steps Method, you’ll have a range of different dough formulas to choose from, each with its own unique flavour and texture.  From pure Napoletana dough, through sourdough and heritage dough, right through to gluten free, you’ll get to understand all the different characters and of course, how each dough has its affinities with different kinds of topping.   Simply pick yourself a formula and start at Step 1.

Learning to read your dough is as important as being able to read the recipe for making it!  That means understanding the dough in all its moods and modes, as well as how to shape it into balls, then into pizza. You’ll get plenty of practice at reading your dough, and lots of exercises in shaping it too.

In Step 3, you’ll move on to making sauces, covering everything from the classic tomato sauces, through white bases to home-made pesto and even onion marmalade.   You’ll also learn how to make infused garlic and chilli oils and other little finishing touches to add in Step 7, once your pizza is baked.

You’ll see how we run our Start and Finish Lines, to keep our toppings organised and our garnishes in order, and how important this is if you’re making multiple pizzas!

Throughout the course, you’ll find videos packed with tips and insights gleaned from years of professional pizza-making experience. 

The course finishes with 15 inspiring pizza recipes from The Artisan Bakery School,  each designed to showcase a balanced profile of salty, sweet, sour, bitter, smokey or umami flavours, and in a way that makes your dough a star of the show.

So – if you’re hungry to learn, you’re in the right place!


Here are a few of our favourite 5 star testimonials from our other courses:

I gave five stars because the genuine enthusiasm of Penny and Dragan is so infectious, and all the various aspects are explained and demonstrated in such an easy to follow manner. I felt drawn in and couldn’t wait to get a starter going. I’m looking forward to the time when I have rocked & rolled & chafed and, hopefully, ended up with a lovely smooth ball of dough – like the one that Dragan cradled in his hands so affectionately. Looks a little like play dough for grown-ups. George.E. Morley

Penny and Dragan removed the mystique surrounding sourdough and made it very “do-able.” Really love the FAB recipe! Bobby Ollar

…The bonus too is they show the stages of dough development clearly and this was something I struggled to understand before this course. They keep it simple as bread baking should be. I’m really looking forward to more courses. Julia Bilecki

Dragan and Penny! Thank you for putting together such an awesome course. Incredible support, you know what you are talking about. Very insightful course. I really learned a lot, all of the additional advice/tips very helpful and useful. All the best for you. Marcelo Ariatti

The videos are priceless!  Aden

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